12 Things French Expats Miss About France

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Tens of thousands of French nationals live and work across the US, submerged in our thought, culture and behavior. They love America, but when they get to vacation in their native land there are more than a few things they find they’ve been missing about France.


12. Chatting up a member of the opposite sex without wondering whether or not it’s a date.

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11. Talking politics without feeling guilty.

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10. Not having to repeat the name of their hometown — or their first name — 10 times.

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9. Driving their tiny cars without fearing for their lives.

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8. Tiny elevators (they’re cute!).

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7. Being able to go to the doctor without taking out a second mortgage.

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6. Making fun of anything without having to add, “just kidding!”

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5. Real baguettes.

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4. Good, cheap wine.

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3. The tip is included.

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2. Watching a movie on TV doesn’t involve an ad every 3 minutes.

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1. Complaining doesn’t mean you’re ruining the evening.

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