10 Surprising Reasons to Study Hospitality Management in Switzerland


[Sponsored Article] Switzerland: lakes, mountains, cheese. This country, located between Italy, Germany, Luxembourg, and France, is filled with a wide variety of professional and academic opportunities. Among them, EHL Hospitality Business School founded in 1893 as the Ecole Hôteliere de Lausanne (EHL) invites you to discover the 10 reasons to study hospitality management in Switzerland.

1 – Evolve in a Safe International Environment

Thanks to its location and its worldwide reputation, Switzerland is a veritable melting pot. Every year, students from all over the world come to study here. EHL’s Lausanne campus alone has 4,000 students from 125 different countries! A great way to immerse yourself in new cultures while completing your studies.

2 – Discover Swiss Savoir-Faire

Studying in Switzerland means discovering and learning Swiss savoir-faire. Indeed, the Swiss higher education system is ranked No. 1 in the world for its ability to provide education that is directly linked to the competitiveness of today’s economy, according to the WEF World Competitiveness Reports. EHL makes it a point of honor to train its future students so that they become the best managers of tomorrow.

3 – Develop Soft Skills Essential to your Career

The Swiss are renowned for their punctuality, but also for their savoir-faire. EHL values these soft skills, which students can learn in the university’s Bachelor of International Hospitality Management program. EHL alumni are renowned for their unrivaled qualities and are appreciated by some of the world’s leading companies, among them: LVMH, Tesla, Four Seasons, UEFA, and L’Oréal.

4 – A Future with Many Horizons

By studying in Switzerland, and more specifically at EHL, you open the doors to a future with multiple horizons. Indeed, studies in international hospitality management are no longer limited to the catering and hotel industries. Are you interested in the world of luxury? Do you have an entrepreneurial streak? Would you like to work in tourism, events management, marketing, or finance? Well, the Bachelor’s degree in International Hospitality Management opens so many doors for you! It provides unique opportunities that few schools offer.

5 – Understand Customer Expectations Like No One Else

Customer focus has always been an essential aspect of the luxury business, and in recent years it’s been extended to all sectors. Tomorrow’s top talents will be those who understand customers as people, and can offer them an unrivaled experience. Swiss savoir-faire at EHL can guarantee you this mastery of the customer experience.

6 – Switzerland and the EHL Touch: Two Major Assets on your Lifelong CV

By studying in Switzerland, and moreover for the Bachelor’s degree in International Hospitality Management in EHL, you benefit from the international reputation of the school and the country. Your studies will no longer be just a transition between high school and working life, but a period during which you will sow the seeds of your future professional success. You’ll benefit from two 6-month internships to immerse yourself in professional corporate life, as well as a student business project in your final year. Finally, during your first year, you’ll study 100% hands-on. This will give you all the experience you need to build an excellent CV.

7 – Professions that Cannot be Replaced by AI

The emergence of artificial intelligence is causing many professions to fear for their future. With a Bachelor’s degree in International Hospitality Management, you’re guaranteed a career far removed from these concerns. Indeed, AI cannot replace the human relations that are essential to these professions, nor the creativity required and the ability to manage the unpredictable. All these skills are indispensable in every field and will be taught to you at EHL with professors from the best companies in their fields, and PhDs from various industries.

8 – A Rich and Flexible Student Life

Since studying abroad can be a daunting prospect, EHL is a school that puts in place a whole range of facilities to ensure that its students from all over the world feel supported and listened to. Your studies will follow a flexible, formative learning path, combining theory and internships. You’ll benefit from a modern campus within the university, and in a town on a human scale, just a stone’s throw from the ski slopes and the lake in summer. You’ll enjoy a unique setting for your studies in a charismatic country. What’s more, with international airports less than an hour away, you’ll have access to a multitude of destinations and be able to discover Europe to the fullest! Find out more in the webinar organized for EHL!

9 – Gain Significant Experience While you Study

Studying the Bachelor’s degree in International Hospitality Management at EHL means you’re guaranteed considerable experience when you graduate. With two 6-month internships, you’ll acquire expertise and a unique professional network that will be a major asset when you’re looking for a job. What’s more, with its network of partner companies and exclusive recognition in the professional world, EHL will help you find an internship in a world-renowned company, providing a unique asset on your CV.

10 – Develop an Indispensable Network and Become Part of a Community

Studying at EHL in Switzerland isn’t just about learning unique and excellent skills. It also means being part of an international community and having access to a network of alumni in hundreds of countries and recognized companies. In short, it’s the guarantee of a major step forward in your career path that will open the doors to a bright future.

If you’d like to find out more about studying in Switzerland, and more specifically at EHL, visit EHL’s website.

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