What It’s Like to be a First Time Rider in the Tour de France

A person riding on the back of a car

When you’re going against the likes of Chris Froome, biking on the most difficult terrain, and competing in the most famous cycling race of all time, the pressure is on. And for first timers, it can be more than nerve wracking.

This year’s Tour de France features about 50 first time riders. Not all of them may have the spotlight that riders like Froome have this time around, but you never know: these up-and-comers could become the next Lance Armstrong (ya know, had he not been doping).

To get a sense of what it must feel like to ride the Tour de France for the first time, the Wall Street Journal interviewed three first time riders: Axel Domont, 26, Nathan Brown, 26, and Michael Gogl, 23.

Describing their low points (crashes) and high points (wins), and what it takes to be a good rider, these three young Tour de France competitors show that they’ve got the stuff to be in the race.

Watch the video above to hear their experiences.

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