WATCH: French Candy Taste Test

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France is known for their culinary arts; delicious pastries and desserts as well as food and wine. It stands to reason that their sweet teeth are just as sophisticated.

When I studied abroad in Paris for a year I fell in love with French candy. I would go to my favorite French supermarket, Lidl, and pick out a new kind of candy each week, because it was so nice to branch out from the American candy I’d been eating my whole life. Not only that, but French candy seemed to be fresher and made with better ingredients for an all around better taste.

My favorite type of French candy is a chocolate covered marshmallow in the shape of a baby bear, called Oursons. They were so addicting and I have yet to find them in the states.

Haven’t ever tried any French candy? YouTuber Cat Peterson, who’s Finnish, and her British friend Dave Cad try a whole bunch of French candy in this video and rate their favorites:


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