This Video of Rooftop Skiing in France Will Blow Your Mind

Your morning routine has just been put to shame. You might as well put down your coffee, turn off your alarm, and go straight back to bed.

Meet Richard Permin, the 33-year-old French freestyle skier from Lyon with a very unusual hobby. In this unbelievable video sponsored by Red Bull, Permin wakes every morning in the small ski town of Avoriaz, in the heart of the Portes du Soleil in France. Avoriaz is a pedestrian-friendly all-year ski resort with no cars, a “ski in, ski out” policy. This professional athlete decided to take an interesting interpretation of that rule by skiing not on the pre-set race tracks, but on top of the timbered rooftops of the small town. Doing backflips, gravity-defying leaps, and smiling all the while, Permin’s stunts are enough to give your mom a small heart attack.


The video closes, as all French morning scenes do, with a trip to the boulangerie. For these citizens, a man clad in full ski gear, freshly descended from a rooftop is nothing new. He’s just a man in need of a hearty baguette.