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15 Verlan Words Every French Speaker Should Know

Want to sound like a native speaker? Give some of these words a try.

9 Quintessential Marseillais Phrases You Should Know

Take French, Italian, Arabic, and a few centuries of mobsters, and eventually you'll get the Marseille accent.

Do You Know These French Slang Terms?

Sound like a native speaker with these French slang words.

20 French Slang Terms You Didn’t Know You Needed

Do you know what 'fric' means? How about 'dodo'?

11 Expressions that’ll Make You Sound like You’re from Quebec

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13 Untranslatable French Words You Should Know

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11 French Words that’ll Make You Sound Like a Native Speaker...

In pursuit of fluency, here are some French words and phrases that French people actually use (that probably aren't in your textbook).

“Verlan” Or French Backwards Slang Explained

A meuf, a beur, and a keum walk into a bar... and other jokes you can write now that you understand verlan.

Can You Beat This French Slang Challenge?

Are you up to date on French slang? Try this challenge.

“Can You Repeat That?”…Cultural Misunderstandings in France

French slang and missed references--the universal ex-pat struggle.
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