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Why the Tour de France Is the Toughest Bicycle Race in...

How does the average Tour de France cyclist manage to produce and maintain so much energy?

French Fencing Purists Aren’t Happy About ‘Lightsaber Fencing’ In France

“To proselytize while abandoning tradition is to shoot yourself in the foot.”

How Marseille Fell In Love With Soccer

“People from Marseille, they define themselves as ‘Marseillais’ first, then French.”

This Video of Rooftop Skiing in France Will Blow Your Mind

Skiing on top of rooftops? Just another day in the life.

Check Out This Incredible 3D Map of the 2019 Tour De...

The "highest Tour de France in history" just released a tantalizing sneak peek.

The World’s Gayest Sporting Competition is Happening in Paris Right Now

It's like the Olympics meets Pride... and it's happening in Paris right now.

Geraint Thomas Becomes First Welshman to Win Tour De France

Chris Froome seems to have opted out of the yellow jersey this year, letting his teammate take home the gold.

Tour de France Derailed When Cyclists Were Accidentally Tear Gassed

Shocking news from France's largest cycling competition, as a farmers protest turns ugly.

Tightrope Walker Attracts Crowd of Hundreds While Crossing Over Montmartre

Think heights are scary? How about a tightrope with no net over hundreds of spectators?
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