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Melissa Clark Will Be Speaking in Brooklyn for Her New Book...

Food writer and cookbook author Melissa Clark has written a book of 150 recipes offering a more modern take on French food.

A New Bookstore in the Latin Quarter Is Selling Poetry By...

A bookstore in Paris is letting shoppers by poems, written in ink on fine paper, by the gram.

For All the Fans of Big Mamma Restaurants, There’s Now a...

The famous Italian restaurant empire in Paris is letting you take some of their recipes home in a new cookbook.

9 Great Places to Buy Graphic Novels in Paris

While in the country of B.D. (bande dessinée), you've got to buy yourself a least a few good ones. Here's where to go in Paris.

“Amour: How the French Talk About Love” Presents an Unclichéd, Honest...

In this new book of personal testimonials and images, photo journalist Stefania Rousselle explores what love is in every town and corner of France.

9 Translated French-to-English Books All About French Society

Don't let your brain go into hibernation mode along with your body. Stay engaged with some riveting literature by French authors.

COVEN, a Feminist English-Language Bookshop & Café in Paris, Launches Kickstarter

COVEN, a future English-language bookshop and café dedicated to intersectional feminism in English and French, has launched a Kickstarter.

5 Neighborhood Bookstores in Paris to Peruse

Paris is a city for book lovers. Sometimes the bookstore even matches the neighborhood.

18 Books for Every Francophile on Your Gift List

There's a book about French cooking, style, travel or history for everyone on your gift list.

Why Patrick Modiano is Paris’ Greatest Writer

The famous French author is a quintessential Parisian writer, and the best one the city has.
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