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[Sponsored content] France Channel is calling itself the first “Culturetainment” platform. This streaming platform dedicated to French culture and creation allows all American Francophiles, French learners and French people living abroad to enjoy the best of what France has to offer through the biggest selection of movies, series, documentaries, magazines, live shows, cartoons for kids, and live online broadcasting of France 24 international news channels, both in French and English.

Created by Julien Verley, former Canal+ and France Television executive, this new platform intends to promote France and French audiovisual creation around the world.

In order to distinguish itself from traditional streaming services, the platform relies on its large library of French cinema, with a very wide range of movies, from “César et Rosalie”, with Yves Montant to “Rien à déclarer”, from Dany Boon, but also including “Contre Enquête”, with Jean Dujardin, the famous actor of “The Artist”, or “Arsène Lupin” by Jean-Paul Salomé with Romain Duris, proposed as a nod to the phenomenon Netflix series.

“We are counting on the seductive power of amazing French cinema with a very large catalog of 350 to 400 movies, says Verley. For the first time in the US, France Channel will also offer to the American public “daily soap” French series which have achieved great success in France.

To make its catalog attractive to all Americans, not only movie buffs, France Channel has additionally included on the platform an extensive library of video content allowing viewers to fully discover French culture, in areas like gastronomy, tourism, history, luxury, lifestyle, and art de vivre, with flagship programs e.g. “Secrets d’Histoire”, “des Racines et des Ailes” or “Échappées Belles”.

New content will be added every week to enrich the offer. For instance, in September, France Channel will add such great tiles as “Le Dîner de Cons”, by the master of French humor, Francis Weber, and “Chocolat”, with Omar Sy.

“Apart from Spanish, French is the most widely learned language in the United States,” Verley continues. Thus France Channel will also be positioned as a unique tool for learning the French language, with a selection of programs available with subtitles in both English and French.

Julien Verley is optimistic about the platform’s success: “We believe that the ‘Culturetainment’ proposition is particularly promising, because it lands in a completely virgin territory and it matches all areas of interest in France and its culture.”

France Channel is available on the web, thru Apple and Android mobile apps, as well as on Roku store. Soon, it will also be accessible thru Struum, a new platform launched by the former CEO of Disney, Michael Eisner.

Make sure to visit to begin a free 7 day trial and enjoy this first fully French international streaming offer! Subscriptions are priced at $7.99/month or $79.99/year.

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