The Rise of Macron: Documentary Follows How France’s Youngest President Won

When Emmanuel Macron first joined the 2017 French presidential race, nobody really had any idea who he was.

He was young, he was running on his own party, he was a centrist candidate and had very little experience in politics. But still, he managed to gain extreme popularity, create a working political party out of nowhere, face a far-right nationalist candidate, and become the youngest French president ever.


Now that Macron has been in office for more than 100 days, people are beginning to wonder if his meteoric rise will be sustainable, or if, like many French presidents, his popularity will take a dive.

This documentary looks into the quick rise of Macron by following his campaign in those last crucial days of the presidential race. With footage from his close friends and insiders, it shows a side of Macron that you don’t often see on TV. Check it out in the video above.