French DJ Duo Polo & Pan are on Tour in the US this Month

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The French duo Polo & Pan are back in the US to bring dreams to life, first in Washington DC, then New York and Los Angeles, as well as several other cities, all as part of a North American tour. “We’re honored to see that there are people eager for us to come,” says Alexandre Grynszpan, alias “Pan.”

Polo & Pan are two DJs and electronic music producers. Paul Armand-Delille is Franco-American and grew up in Normandy, Grynszpan grew up in Paris. The two friends met in a trendy club in Paris, the Baron, where they were both behind the turntables. “In this nightclub, humanity was the focus of the evening. We could laugh, put on things that weren’t very serious,” recounts Grynszpan.

Armand-Delille, who has loved classical music since childhood thanks to his parents, has already released two albums: one when he lived in San Francisco, “Open Space And Stars,” and the other, “Roudani 434,” with The Atlas Collective, a musical project created during a stay in Morocco. He is also the founder of SIRA, a “large collective that produces a lot of artists.” Grynszpan started playing the piano at age five and continued with cello and percussion. He co-founded, a “space-temporal radio that seeks musical treasures from all over the world and from all musical eras”.

“We immediately saw that, creatively, we could do something together.” Polo & Pan was born in 2013 from the merger between these two personalities. “Polo” for Paul, “Pan” for the end of Grynszpan. “Polo & Pan is the theorem of 1 + 1 = 3. To create something new, there is an individuality but it takes two to bring the elements together,” explains Grynszpan.

The group takes its listeners on a journey through music that is “optimistic, abundant, fitted, minimalist and stellar.” Their album “Caravelle,” released in 2017, reflects the message they are trying to convey. “We love the light. It’s optimistic music, it’s what came out of us most naturally.” The songs “Canopée,” which allowed the duo to launch their career, “Pays Imaginaire,” “Cœur Croisé,” whose lyrics are carefully written by the two friends, all enter your brain as smoothly as possible for easy listening.

And what about the United States in all this? “Paul is Franco-American, it’s a consecration for him, a return to his roots.” They have already played before in New York, in June. “Even if French music is our foundation, American pop culture is also part of our foundations.”

The two optimists have no intention to stop providing music for their fans. “We never really stop creating, and the new songs will come in due time,” smiles Grynszpan.

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