Where to Buy Pâte Feuilletée (Puff Pastry) in New York

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You started the New Year with a good resolution: put on an apron and cook more often. But where can you buy pâte feuilletée (puff pastry) to make good quiches or tartes or gâteaux? Here’s a list of where to get pâte feuilletée in New York.



The most popular puff pastry brand in the United States, Pepperidge Farm, is available in the frozen section at Target. It’s $5.59 for the two puff pastry sheets. Note that these puff pastry products contain corn syrup and palm oil, which isn’t standard in France.


You can also find Pepperidge Farm pâte feuilletée at Fairway for the same price of $5.59 per package.

Whole Foods Market

You’ll find two brands of pâte feuilletée in the Whole Foods Market frozen section but at high prices: two puff pastry sheets by GeeFree are offered for $9.99, and the “traditional” salted butter puff pastry by Dufour is available for $12.99.


New York supermarket chain Gristedes also has Pepperidge Farm puff pastry at a price of $7.59 for two sheets of puff pastry.

Morton Williams

The same goes for Morton Williams, which offers the package of two Pepperidge Farm puff pastry sheets for $6.59.

Trader Joe’s (September to December)

Trader Joe’s is a real cave of wonders for any New Yorker on a budget or who doesn’t want to cook, with its accessible prices and prepared options. You’ll find in the frozen section packages of all-butter puff pastry, which contain two sheets of puff pastry that’s “made in France,” for $3.99. Unfortunately this product is seasonal, only available in stores from September to December.

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Send us an email if you know where else we can buy a good pâte feuilletée in New York: [email protected]