How To Be Parisian With Comedian Olivier Giraud

So you want to be like a Parisian?

According to French comedian Olivier Giraud, there’s much more to imitating les Parisiens than dressing chic, smoking and eating croissants. In his one-man stand-up show, 100% in English, Giraud gives training “approved by more than 500,000 spectators” on how to become a Parisian in one hour.

His first lesson? How to dress. That’s pretty easy, says Giraud. Girls and guys dress the same. Always wear black, but “if you’re a little bit crazy you can put some grey.” And if a girl is wearing a short skirt, she’s definitely an ex-pat. Or British.

In one extremely hilarious hour, Giraud makes fun of Americans, Brits, and most of all the French while showing the funny differences between cultures. If you’re ever in Paris and need a few laughs, it’s the show to see.

One of the highlights of the show is Giraud’s riff on American vs. French retail shop workers:


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