Ring in 2023 With These Delicious Non-Alcoholic Bubbly Libations

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It’s been a long year, and despite that, it’s time to raise a glass to 2022 and usher in 2023 in the proper fashion— featuring Champagne and/or other bubbly libations. For those who aren’t indulging in alcoholic beverages this year or prefer to start a dry January a bit early, there are plenty of ways to share the fun (and the bubbles) minus the alcohol percentage.

“Organic bubbly juices are a holiday staple now in our house!” says our editor, Caitlin Shetterly. “The peach, pomegranate and pear are our favorites.” In fact, sparkling fermented drinks have become quite a trend over the past few years, donning a cocktail of healthy side effects minus the headache. And by chance, most are female-founded, making us think quite a bit about the role of alcohol in society. We’ve gathered our favorite options, tasted and approved by our editorial team, for you to ring in 2023 on a sober yet bubbly note! Santé! (or, like us, maybe you say…Mbappé!)

So Jennie Paris 0% Alcohol Champagne

Non-alcoholic Champagne? Indeed! Jennie Kergoat-Ruelland was one of the first Champagne makers to nix the alcohol  from her bubbles back in 2011. While it may have caused a bit of confusion on the other side of the Atlantic, today it has grown into a well-respected brand. And making it all the easier, this 0% alcohol drink is available for purchase on Amazon. Pop open for New Years Eve or even a special occasion including a birthday or anniversary to highlight your holiday with a beautiful coupe de Champagne, sans alcool.

Pierre Chavin Zero Rosé Non-Alcoholic Sparkling

Who knew that rosé could be a lovely accompaniment to a holiday dinner, pairing well with red meat, barbecue, and even cheese. This salmon pink bottle is all that one expects in a rosé, minus the alcohol. At nose it hits with a muscat, floral and fruity aromas of currants and raspberries, on the palate it gives way to a beautiful full dew foam of softness and freshness. This bottle from the sunny Languedoc Roussillon region, in the South of France, embodies 10 years of experimentation and perfection of non-alcoholic drinks by champagne connoisseur Mathilde Boulachin. It is available for purchase online at Beclink.

KIN Euphorics

One of 2021’s biggest collaborations was Bella Hadid joining Jen Batchelor at KIN Euphorics, a gently caffeinated non-alcoholic alternative drink. The mood-boosting ingredients in Kin stimulate clarity, creative freedom, and focus. An added bonus: the long-term brain benefits mean you’re taking care of yourself in a future dimension in terms of health and cognition. Pack one of these in your bag as you head out for your NYE celebrations and you’re sure to ride the holiday spirit without the extra sugar and alcohol percentage. Distinct KIN drinks are available on the brand’s website and at select retailers.

Val de France Sparkling Juice

Sparkling juice is certainly more fun than regular juice, for the adults and the kiddos alike, but also offers preservation and health benefits as well. This gluten-free and organic option is a heritage brand from Brittany, France where generations have picked only the ripest apples to create its legendary apple juice. The apple flavor has also been joined by pomegranate, raspberry, pear, and peach flavors. In fact, it is such a high quality juice that it is served at some fine dining restaurants across France. The holidays are a time to bring out the big guns, and Val de France is surely one of them. The delicious treat is available on Amazon, Instacart, and your nearest gourmet grocery shop.

Eric Bordelet Poire Authentique

For those who can’t drop all the alcohol and just want to go a bit lighter the alcohol content  this year, they can pop into to their wine store and grab a good bottle of cidre from Normandy. Bordelet pear cider is a lovely option. This pear cider has very expressive aromatics, gentle mousse and beautiful balance, refreshing acidity and traditional off-dry palate. In fact, it’s founder was one of the most influential figures on the Parisian wine scene in the ’80s, helming the wine list at the three Michelin Star restaurant l’Arpège. When home called, he returned to Normandy to make cider, and a truly stunning one that is! Bordelet cider is available at The Winery NYC.

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