How To Make French Brioche

A close up of a piece of bread

“Sweet, buttery, golden, fluffy and just slightly stringy… the indisputable sign that it’s a perfect brioche.”

Brioche may be the very best thing France has done for this world. Or maybe that’s croissants. Or éclairs. Or Rousseau. Either way, there is nothing better than a perfectly golden brioche eaten plain, or with nutella, or made into French toast. It’s basically the bread of all breads.

And while it’s usually best to put the creation of brioche into the hands of the many very talented and skilled French bakers that are out there, Alex, of the YouTube channel “Alex French Guy Cooking” believes that cooking is not just for chefs. With his helpful video, you too can be the creator of a delightfully delicious brioche.

So what goes into making a brioche, anyway?

Well, it’s not exactly vegan.

“Little disclaimer. If you dislike butter, if you are allergic to gluten and if you are lactose intolerant, maybe it’s a good time to just skip this video,” says Alex before unwrapping 100 grams of butter and claiming that it’s actually not that much butter, especially compared to other French dishes.

Watch the video and try making a brioche yourself:



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