How To Make French Pâté

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You don’t have to be a fancy French chef to make pâté!

At least according to this recipe video, which makes creating this French classic look incredibly simple.

Pâté is a traditional French snack or starter. It’s a paste, made from any type of meat, fish or liver which you can then spread on baguette or crackers. Pâté has been around since Ancient Greece, but the French made it their own in the 1800s when professional French chefs elevated the dish to the haute cuisine level. An incredibly common type of pâté is made with fatty goose liver, called paté de fois gras.

For any vegetarians out there cringing at the thought of liver pâté, chefs like David Lebovitz have recently created vegetarian versions of the dish, although to remain classically French, it’s best to pretend that vegetarianism just doesn’t exist.

Although it takes a lot of different kinds of meat, this pâté recipe doesn’t seem too difficult to try out! Plus, bringing this classic French dish to a party would automatically make you the star of the show.

Watch the video to learn how to make pâté:


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