Learn How To Use Big Numbers In French

We’ve all been there — you’re presenting that project in French class, or quoting some fancy statistic to win an argument, or maybe you’re even reading how many grams of flour to use in a recipe. And then it happens: a number, a hundred-something number, a thousand-something number, or, God forbid, a million?

You’re stumped. You don’t know what to do. You can’t just mumble the year the French Revolution started, or how many billions Mark Zuckerberg makes per year. You’ve got to be prepared. Which is why you should carefully study this video with French teacher Alexa Polidoro of Learn French With Alexa. Alexa will show you how to break big, scary French numbers down into bite-size pieces that are easy to digest, and easier to say.


By the end of this video, you’ll know how to say 1,589,313. Don’t believe it? Guess you’ll just have to watch and find out for yourself.