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Gad Elmaleh Brings His “American Dream” to Netflix in a Stand-up Special

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Gad Elmaleh will interrupt whatever it was you were already binging on Netflix with “Gad Elmaleh: American Dream.” This new stand-up special from the French-Moroccan comedian will be released on March 6 on Netflix.

In this special, shot in the Town Hall in New York City, the comedian recounts moving to New York, the difficulty he faced flirting with New Yorkers, his struggle to understand American expressions, and the imaginary Paris that all the Americans he met spoke to him about.

Netflix and Gad Elmaleh, it’s a relationship that just keeps growing. “American Dream” is the second stand up released by the platform after “Gad Gone Wild” in 2017. This is his first special entirely in English. The star is also working on his own English-language series, “Huge in France”, which will be released on Netflix at an unknown later date.

The 8 episode, 30-minute show will be inspired by the real life of Elmaleh. In the series, he plays a famous comedian who settles down in the United States to reconnect with his 16-year-old son who is a model. He has to manage the teenager without enjoying the perks of celebrity status because no one in the United States knows who he is.

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