Kinder Joy (the worse version of Kinder Surprise) is coming to the US

Kinder Joy (Image: The Today Show)

Kinder has finally found a pathway to bringing its chocolate eggs filled with toys to the United States.

Though Kinder Surprise is still banned on American soil because of FDA (Food and Drug Administration) regulations, a modified version called Kinder Joy will debut with a bang on Black Friday in Walmarts across the US. Ferrero International, the owner of Kinder, made their announcement on Monday, November 13.


Exclusively available on the black market in the US, Kinder Surprise has been prohibited entry into the U.S. because of a 1938 FDA regulation prohibiting the concealment of an inedible element inside a food.

Purists will be disappointed by Kinder Joy. It’s been available worldwide since 2001, and unlike Kinder Surprise where the egg wraps the toy, Kinder Joy’s eggs are divided into halves. One half contains a toy, the other contains cream and pieces of biscuit (which ironically also presents a choking hazard for younger children as indicated on the packaging).

Kinder Joy will be sold exclusively in Walmart for 30 days before becoming available in other stores across the country. Besides the irony of finally allowing a Kinder product into the US that’s still a choking hazard, it’s also ironic that Kinder Joy debuts in Walmart on Black Friday. Arguably, Walmart on a Black Friday could also be considered a choking hazard.

The inside of a Kinder Joy. Image from Wikimedia.
The inside of a Kinder Joy. Image from Wikimedia.