WATCH: Tour Pierre Cardin’s Famous “Bubble Palace”

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In the 1980’s Hungarian architect Antti Lovag designed a futuristic house in the South of France, made of  clay bubble-like rooms. It was quirky, but at the time, incredibly new. Now, Le Palais Bulles is much more retro, although it’s flowing design still has timeless appeal.

Inside the bubbles of the Bubble Palace everything is circular, the couches, vases, and hanging lights. Outside are circular, sparkling blue pools, perfect for swimming on hot Mediterranean days. It’s incredibly chic, while also looking like a crossover of the Barbie dreamhouse and a movie set from the 70s.

For years, Italian-born French designer Pierre Cardin has owned the Bubble Palace. All of the furnishings inside were designed by him or by Lovag. Although he never actually lived in the house, he hosted parties, gatherings of celebrities, fashion shows and other fancy events at the artsy space in Southern France. Now, he’s selling the Bubble Palace for €350 million.

Looking to buy? One can always dream, right? Go on a virtual tour of the Bubble Palace in this video:


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