In 2023, Offer Your Child a Once-In-A-Lifetime Stay in France

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[Sponsored article] There’s a famous saying in France that says: “Les voyages forment la jeunesse” (travel shapes the youth). And even though this quote dates back to the 16th century and the French philosopher Montaigne, it is still relevant today. 

What if we told you that there’s a French company that specializes in guiding your kid (from ages 12 to 18) on a foray in France and that they will make sure that they learn and that they’re always safe and sound? 

Traveling alone at a young age allows your children to discover new cultures, become independent, open their minds, broaden their perspectives, and learn a new language. But we get it: It’s a big – and, let’s say it, frightening – step to let your kid travel across the globe alone at a relatively young age. And that’s where SILC can help you.

SILC: About Family

 SILC, in fact, starts with a family history: A mathematics teacher in Angoulême (France), Pierre DESCHAMPS, wanted to send his daughter to Great Britain to improve her English. But she was deaf, and no organization would accept her application. Monsieur Deschamps therefore decided to take her to England himself. Upon his return, he created an association with friends who were language teachers. SILC was born. 

Today, SILC offers a wide range of programs from language stays and summer camps in France and abroad, with academic programs open to primary school students starting at the tender age of 12.

Three Reasons to Experience SILC’s “Bain Linguistique” (Linguistic Bath) in France

If you’re a reader of Frenchly, it’s probably because you’re interested in France and its culture. But between loving French culture and sending your kid there, there’s a big step. So why should you send your beloved child to France? SILC gave us three reasons:

1. The French Language is Very Helpful for International Careers

Even though English is the prevailing business language, French is historically an official language, in international law for example, and the third language of business and trade. Knowing French also indicates a certain level of education. Some very accomplished people like, President Barack Obama, Vice Presidents Kamala Harris and Al Gore, tennis star Serena Williams, and actress Sandra Oh — they all speak French.

2. French Culture is Like No Other

If there’s something that we Americans often dream about, it’s French culture. From fashion to arts, from cuisine to philosophy, from architecture to literature… There is always something to learn from time in France.

3. Education in France is Free and High-Quality

The French education system is built on an equal-opportunity concept. This means that one can have access to a high quality education without having to pay thousands of dollars. Sending your kid to France with SILC at a young age could allow them to get familiar with the culture and the language in order to study in France afterwards. 

Two Options: the Short- and Long-Term Stay 

Depending on the goal of the stay and on the independence of your kid, SILC offers two different types of stay: The short-term or the long-term stay. 

Short-Term Stay: From One to Four Weeks

The goal of this stay is for your child to immerse themselves in French culture during school breaks. Your kid lives with a French family during the whole stay. There’s also a possibility of staying at a French teacher’s family and benefiting from one-on-one French lessons to boost their language skills. 

Long-Term Stay: From Two to Ten Months

This is for young people who wish to spend some time in a French high school while staying in a French family. There are two types of long-term programs, depending on the maturity and independence of the student. 

  • Programme Classique: The student goes to a city or town they are interested in in France and are totally independent. They are generally the only American student in their class, which allows them to live a 100% French experience and fit in with French students. SILC is still there to help and make sure that everything goes smoothly, but leaves some room for the student to make their own experiences.
  • Programme Angoulême: this program is perfect for students who need a little bit more support during their stay. In this program, the student is enrolled in a private school in Angoulême, France (where SILC is based) and benefits from closer monitoring by the SILC team. SILC organizes additional French lessons if needed, city trips each month with international students to Paris, Châteaux de la Loire, Futuroscope… In the Programme Angoulême, the student will meet a lot of other students from different countries, which will add an international dimension to the stay. 

Carefully Selected Host-Families

SILC makes it a point to select safe and kind families to host their students. SILC prioritizes families who have time to spend with the foreign students, to teach them French and truly introduce them to the French lifestyle. This means going on activities together, being available for questions and extra responsibilities. Also, SILC makes sure that students can have their own rooms and be autonomous (close to the bus stops or to the school…). 

More About SILC

With SILC, your child will be able to discover France, live an amazing, once-in-a-lifetime experience and grow. 

For more information about SILC, please read their brochure or visit their website. You can also contact Volodia MAURY-LARIBIERE to start discussing your child’s stay in France.

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