If You’ve Ever Wanted to Swim in Paris’s Fountains, Now Is Your Time

There are some days when you go outside and think, “It is just too hot to do anything today.”

Well, this weekend in France, it truly was. Europe had been preparing for a heat wave, but temperatures reached levels even beyond what was expected, with France recording the highest temperatures in history, capping off at 113°F (45°C). And since many private residences don’t have air conditioning, the city of Paris opened public fountains to locals and tourists alike, with Trocadéro turning into the city’s largest swimming pool overnight.


This video shows the bizarre ways French people are coping with the heat, including everything from swimming in fountains to hawking ice cold water bottles to closing down schools. Here’s hoping that this week sees France cooling down, but if you’re visiting for the week, it might be time to take a dip with a killer view.