How to Quarantine like Caroline de Maigret

If you thought you couldn’t make quarantine stylish, you haven’t yet seen how French model, music producer, and fashion icon Caroline de Maigret does it.

Caroline has a few simple rules for quarantine: exercise daily, read, eat well, keep in touch with your loved ones… only, as she demonstrates in her own cheeky way, these ideals don’t necessarily come to pass. The star of the show is de Maigret’s chic silk PJ shorts set, one of the items on our list of must-haves for quarantine fashion, the omnipresent symbol of Caroline’s (and our) desire to look good and be productive, while also feeling comfortable and vegging out.


At the end of the day, our heroine says, “Being quarantined is tricky. There’s no right or wrong way to do it.” Though dancing to Yarol’s “Sale” (on vinyl, of course) in a cashmere robe seems like a pretty good start.