9 Things You Should Be Wearing This Spring & Summer, According To French Instagrammers

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Spring has been cancelled, but that doesn’t mean your spring wardrobe has to be. Between rooftop photoshoots with your roommate and daily Zoom meetings with your coworkers, looking sharp is more important than ever. Plus, you’re living in the golden age of online shopping. Here are some favorite quarantine looks from our favorite French Instagrammers to keep you from wearing the same pair of sweatpants all week.

1. All-white


Your fears of sitting down on something in the métro are suddenly unnecessary. As long as your dog doesn’t track mud in and your coffee cup stays level, your whites will stay pristine all season long. Prove us wrong with this button-down tunic from Les Sublimes.

2. Wide-leg jeans

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Started a climbing club; current members: 1

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When you do have to put on pants to leave the house, they might as well be easy to slip on and off. Save your skinny jeans for next year, and go a little vintage with some seventies-style denim, preferably faded, like this pair from Sézane.

3. A great blazer

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I finished Netflix today 🤷🏾‍♀️ #paris

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Who cares if you’re wearing oversized boxer shorts for pants as long as you look like a CEO from the waist up? Go with a silk blouse underneath for a work call, or ditch the shirt altogether for a FaceTime happy hour with friends. This polka-dot one from Etam works for a fun-but-serious aesthetic. 

4. Pajamas… but fancy

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Bored in the house

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You’re going to be spending a lot of time in your PJ’s, so you might as well invest in some nice ones. There’s nothing like a silk button-down with colorful piping to make you feel like you’re locked in a hotel room with your lover, instead of locked in an apartment with your immediate family. Try this pair from La Redoute.

5. Below-the-knee skirts

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Not seeing anyone means you probably haven’t shaved your legs in a few weeks. When updating your Hinge profile in search of a post-quarantine bae, don’t be afraid to cheat with a skirt that gives you a little more coverage. This one can be purchased online from Rouje.

6. Multi-colored eyeshadow

Let’s be real here. Depending on where your laptop is set up, all your Skype partner can see might be your face. So take a hint from the bright spring colors outside and test out that experimental eye look you’ve been dying to try, but have only recently gotten bored enough to mess around in your makeup kit for. Maybe with something like the Love Colorfully EyeShadow Palette from Estēe Lauder?

7. Little Blue Dress

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Something cute, lightweight, and versatile is just the thing to take you from learning how to bake bread in your kitchen to strolling through the park at a safe six feet distance from every jogger, stroller, or dogwalker. Here’s one interpretation from Sézane.

8. Floral prints

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« Social distancing » comme ils disent en anglais. C’est marrant à quel point les rapports humains me semblent plus vrais que jamais en ce moment. Ceci dans le positif comme le négatif. 😌 Certaines relations se révèlent par leur toxicité et celles qui nous élèvent se confirment. Ceci sans doute parce que les sentiments sont exacerbés. Je saisis cette opportunité pour profiter de l’oreille attentive d’un.e ami.e , prendre des nouvelles de tel ou untel, envoyer un méme hilarant. Chaque petite chose compte pour remettre de l’humain dans nos relations virtuelles. ❤️ J‘espère que bientôt, lorsque tout reviendra à la « normale », nous nous souviendrons de cette période, de ce qui nous aura fait du bien ainsi que de nos meilleurs fous rires. C’est si précieux. 🙏 Qu’allons-nous retenir de ces moments ? That is the question 🤔 Je vous souhaite une belle journée mes beautés 👑 et surtout restez chez vous hein !!! ___ 📷 @capucinedechocqueuse 💄 @nallahsangare 👌 ___ #GaellePrudencio #FrenchCurves #BodyPositive #ThinkPositive #Stayhome #restezchezvous

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You won’t be seeing a lot of flowers this spring, so you might as well fake it til you make it with a sunny print that brightens the room and your day. Pose by your houseplant (and the office plant your boss made you take home) for added realism. You can find quite a few varieties online at Antoine et Lili.

9. And, of course, a mask. But make it fashion.

Look great, stay safe.

Featured image: Stock Photos from Anna Vershynina / Shutterstock