How To Incorporate Paris Fashion Week Trends Into Your Spring/Summer Wardrobe

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When Paris Fashion Week’s Spring/Summer collections go up in September of the previous year, it can be hard to keep track of what you’re supposed to be wearing by the time the snow starts to melt.

That’s why Justine Leconte, Berlin-based French fashion designer and vlogger, put together this cheat sheet of how to incorporate the biggest trends of the season into your everyday wear. The big players this year are:

  1. Yellow. Incorporate an accent scarf or a fun pair of shoes into your outfit to really make that Instagram photo pop.

2. Jumpsuits/cargo pockets. Not necessarily the “pockets for women” we’ve been waiting for, but big enough to carry your iPhone, at least.

3. Knit/mesh overlays. Finally, your grandma’s Christmas present can be cut up and repurposed.

4. Lace. A dainty lace blouse under a leather jacket provides a nice contrast of fabrics.

5. Distressed denim. Never out of style.

6. Biker shorts. Choose how long you want your top to be based on just how confident you are about your squat routine.

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