How to Celebrate National Wine and Cheese Day

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Since 2014, the United States has been celebrating National Wine and Cheese Day on July 25. And it is, indeed, a special day.

Does the U.S. actually care about National Wine and Cheese Day? Not really. Is it the perfect excuse to blow money on creamy imported cheeses, drink a lot of wine, and make a gorgeous planche of fromage and charcuterie for dinner? Absolutely.

To help you celebrate this very special day, we’ve compiled a variety of information on wine and cheese, from which wine bars to try in New York to how to host the perfect apéro to why is wine so cheap in France.

Where to get a great glass of wine

Although clinking glasses in all of the world’s wine cities would be ideal, in New York, you can toast to the day (and cool down from the heat) with a glass of rosé at any of these seven hotspots. To sip on something other than rosé, we have another list of favorite wine bars in New York. Compagnie des Vins Surnaturels will serve up sexy vibes, while Vanguard is a good place to meet up with Francophile friends.

Alternatively, if you prefer to stay in with a good glass of wine, we’d recommend these cheap yet delicious wines from Trader Joe’s

Resources for becoming a wine expert

Nobody wants to look like an idiot while picking out or drinking wine. Learn the basics first, and learn everything from how to read wine labels to knowing why everyone talks about terroir.

Unlike other non-bubbly wines, Champagne is a different breed. There is a lot to be learned about its creation, uniqueness and specific terminology, but what you’ll definitely want to pay attention to is the practical information, like how to serve and store it.

As for rosé, it may be laughed at as ‘millenial culture,’ but there are still many quality rosés to be paired with everything from a light apéro to dinner on National Wine and Cheese Day.

Resources for becoming a cheese expert

First thing to know is that authentic French cheeses — not the kind you buy in plastic wrap — have very different flavors from what American are used to. A cheese shop is the place to get authentic French cheeses, which you will need to start on your journey to becoming a fromage genius.

The good news is you don’t really need to be a cheese expert to buy cheese. You can buy small amounts of a variety of cheeses and enjoy sampling them, learning about taste, texture and what goes well with what as you go.

Where to get delicious cheese

In San Francisco, we recommend these five cheese hubs for purchasing that creamy good stuff. In New York, these are our favorite places to frequent for French cheese.

Going out for cheese is of course a must, especially when it’s served with meats. From affordable to extravagant, these are our eight picks for where to get an amazing cheese and charcuterie planche in New York.

How to serve wine and cheese

French chef Alex Gabriel of French Guy Cooking lays out how exactly to make the perfect cheeseboard in a drool-inducing video. WineFolly has a nice illustrated guide about how to pair wine and cheese.

Of course, wine doesn’t have to be served with cheese. You could opt for something sweet like macarons, which are delicious with wine as long as you pair the two properly.

The best way to enjoy wine and cheese is with friends. The time of day when French get together into the evening for a few drinks and some light bites casually is called apéro. An apéro is a classic way to celebrate this years Wine and Cheese Day with friends and family, as you adopt the casual yet warm atmosphere of this uniquely French part of the day.

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