Héloïse Brion creates easy Florida-Normandy Fusion Food at Miss Maggie’s Kitchen

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“Sunday lives” have become a ritual on Héloïse Brion’s popular lifestyle and cooking Instagram account, Miss Maggie’s Kitchen. Almost every Sunday, Héloïse and her husband Christophe connect with thousands of followers all around the world to share a new recipe. While Héloïse cooks and gives the instructions to her audience, Christophe films her and answers the questions: a real family business. Yet, this Sunday rendez-vous couldn’t be more casual and loaded with good-vibes; it’s as if you were drinking a hot cup of coffee with them, in their kitchen, smelling the tart baking in the oven. Simplicity and togetherness are at the core of everything Brion initiates.

But who is ‘Miss Maggie’, you might wonder? Many of us might think that it’s Héloïse’s nickname. It’s not. When Héloïse, Christophe, and their two kids left Paris a few years ago, they fell in love with an old hunting lodge in Normandy that they named Miss Maggie. Thanks to the family’s fresh start in the French countryside, the old building was given a new life and Miss Maggie’s Kitchen was born! Almost five years and countless recipes later, Brion has inspired thousands of people to start a stress-free journey in their kitchen and to enjoy simple yet refined meals. 

Inspired by the childhood meals cooked by her mother and grandmother while on vacation in the beautiful French Pyrénées, Héloïse says that cooking has always been a way to share moments with loved ones while filling her body with all the nutrients it needs. “There was no electricity nor gas in our old vacation house, but my mother would always come up with amazing recipe ideas, from scratch,” Brion remembers. For her, cooking must be simple and stress free. “I’m not going to blame you for replacing nuts with almonds on top of a tart’s recipe from my cookbook Relaxed French Entertaining,” she laughs. The French recipes and lifestyle author, who grew up between Jupiter, Florida and France, argues that it is very important for her to combine those cultural influences in her cuisine. “I want my followers to feel inspired and creative, I don’t want them to be constrained by access to ingredients.”  

She recently launched À Table, a monthly newsletter with a membership for exclusive content; in Brion’s words “feel good advice and tons of good vibes in your inbox.” The live sessions and guest spotlights are always spot-on. More than cooking workshops, she shares her love and passion for art de vivre. From thoughtful advice on how to set up beautiful tablescapes – vintage tableware aficionados, this is for you – to fun DIYs, Héloïse Brion has gathered together a community of epicureans whose motto could simply be “enjoy the moment.”

As of now, Héloïse and her family are based in Jupiter, Florida where her mother is still living. “I swim one hour every day at sunrise, it has boosted my creativity in ways I would have never imagined.” Brion is happy to be able to spend time in the United States after months of restrictions and lockdowns. She shares daily new recipes that she has invented, like this freshly baked homemade zucchini, peach, and burrata pizza. The family has planned a road trip in the Keys for the summer and they’re thinking about moving to the U.S., as the kids are still young. “I would love to open a small restaurant in Jupiter, I’d cook my recipes for lunch and host various workshops at night or during the weekend,” Brion tells me. She wants to be able to meet with her followers and expand Miss Maggie’s world in a place dedicated to her work and projects. 

Since launching her e-shop Parsley by MMK in which she sells her cookbook as well as ebooks and lifestyle attire, Héloïse is already thinking about her next adventure. “I get bored very easily,” she tells me, “I need to keep myself busy with new projects.” Does this mean that we should get excited for a new chapter of Miss Maggie’s Kitchen in the U.S.?

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