Granny Barrettes Are This Season’s Latest Trend

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French grandmas keep hitting all the fashion trends lately, from crochet dresses to the recently popular barrette. Just a (fashion) season ago no one would even consider entering a store offering hair accessories and leaving with boring-brown hair clips. As seasons change so do fashion tastes. It is official, old-fashioned hair barrettes are the chicest hair accessory du jour. 

With Paris Fashion Week in full swing, fashionistas, industry members, and all alike are clipping back their locks with anything from one to several pins stacked together. The chunkier and more vintage, the better! Extra points go to those who find clips with sayings made popular by Chanel, large pearls, and/or animal prints. Clips vary from tiny ones as a subtle accessory to huge statement-making options. Here’s a compilation of our favorite French-girl barrette stylings and where to get one.

The Rhinestone Clip:

Subtle and very French, the bit of sparkle in your hair accompanied by a simple look is the ultimate chic this spring. (Options available at

The Ballerina Slick-Back Pins, simple with a stud:

Ballerina fashion: easy and effortless, never goes out of style. It only helps that bobby pins cost close to nothing at any bargain store. (Options available at

Barrette Stacking:

The more the merrier is a perfect evening look option. Mixing sparkly and simpler barrettes is encouraged for a more balanced option too. (Options available on

Transparent Plastic and Tortoise Shell Clips:

Who hasn’t had one of these light brown and dark brown tortoise shell clips when they were young? Not only are these comfortable and keep baby hairs of the way, they are super stylish these days. (Available at

Pearl Clips:

Pearls are the ultimate luxury. Sleek and smart, a pearl barrette will elevate any look. (Plenty of options available at

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