French Electro Star Petit Biscuit Tours the U.S.

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“It’s kind of the American dream for me, being the kid that I am.” Petit Biscuit is about to set the North American music scene on fire. He will be in New York, Washington, Austin, Dallas, Los Angeles, and other cities as part of his Presence North American Tour.

Born Mehdi Benjelloun, this French-Moroccan star caught the attention of the whole word at just 18 years old. It all started in the music school in his Rouen district where he began playing the cello at the age of 5. “I it did for thirteen years. After that, I became interested in a lot of instruments and playing techniques on my own,” explains the artist. At 11, his interests went digital. “I came across videos on the Internet where I saw guys making music. I downloaded some software. At first, it was very complicated, but then I found one that suited me. I started making tracks, revisiting songs I knew.”

The public discovered the artist’s hit track “Sunset Lover” — a bewitching electro song made with soft and sensual sounds — on Soundcloud in 2015, and Petit Biscuit was born. “I created my style little by little.” And this little gem didn’t fall on deaf ears. “It went from 100 listens to more than 20,000 very quickly.”

“I can’t put words on my music. I’d say it’s eclectic, lively. It’s a world music.” Previously called “posed electro,” Petit Biscuit’s music is now danceable. “People think my music is all nice.” The artist makes his mark with “Presence,” on which he surrounded himself with excellent contributors. Bipolar Sunshine, Møme, Lido and other collaborations have made this 14-track opus dynamic and powerful, while maintaining the signature Petit Biscuit sounds.

Japan, Australia, Malaysia, Canada, France, England, Netherlands, the list of countries where he’s played is long. “Electronic music is more exportable than a French song. I have always been interested by other cultures. It’s cool to be able to talk to everyone.” This isn’t the first time the United States will get to hear his sound; he has performed at Coachella, Lollapalooza and Hard Summer. “I never even imagined that one day this would happen, it was a big turning point in my life,” says the artist. “I love the audience in the United States. I love the grandeur, it feels good to really let go on stage.”

For the future, Petit Biscuit fans can only expect good things. After graduating with a Bachelor of Science degree with honors, the artist stopped his studies in January to devote himself entirely to his musical career. “The dream is to compose even more, to release more songs, to get closer to people.” A new life full of ambition and projects begins.

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