Emily Ratajkowski Shows How to Get the Perfect French Party Look

Sometimes, a week looking at gorgeous Parisian women is enough to make even a model feel self-conscious.

In this video, Vogue Paris follows American model Emily Ratajkowski as she gets ready for the Kerastase boat party in Paris. Her goal? To look as French as possible. Ratajkowski pulls in the big guns, including French hairstylist David Lucas and French makeup artist Tom Pecheux. Lucas teaches Ratajkowski about Coiffé/Décoiffé, the French concept of the effortless, “undone” hairstyle, while Pecheux shows her how just a few products can go a long way.


When she’s done, our girl tops off the look with—what else?—a dress by Jacquemus, fresh off his spectacular 10-year show in Provence. Because who better to turn a beachy California gal into a Parisian than a French farm boy-turned-fashion superstar?