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[Sponsored article] The way we think about food is changing and the way restaurants and chefs cook for the public also has to adapt.  Fortunately, Le Cordon Bleu’s Paris and London institutes – one of France’s best cuisine schools – are here to show us how. 

The Impact of Food on the Planet and on Our Bodies

People around the world are becoming more and more concerned about the origins of the foods they eat. Where does our food come from? What impact is producing our food having on the planet? How can  we benefit from what we put into our bodies?

Since the global pandemic, people seem to be even more concerned about their health and now tend to opt for healthier food alternatives. Consequently there has been a direct impact on the plant-based food market, which currently generates billions of dollars every year. Just go to any supermarket, restaurant or coffee shop and you’re sure to find vegetarian, gluten-free, dairy-free and vegan options, as well as products designed specifically for maximum nutritional benefit.

The “Free-From” Products Trend

Restaurants and food industry stakeholders are now endeavoring to identify allergens in food and provide high-quality “free-from” options on menus. Whether it’s for medical reasons or lifestyle choices, those who require options free of gluten, nuts, dairy, and so on expect to have some decent choices available to them.  

Food Waste Reduction

Reduction of food waste is another hot topic in the hospitality and food industry. Environmental consciousness continues to force businesses to reduce the amount of single-use plastics in the supply chain of the food they serve. Some restaurants now design their entire menus around a zero-waste lifestyle, using every part of their ingredients in innovative ways to ensure that the very minimum is thrown away. 

A Necessary Change in the Education and Training of Future Chefs

Naturally, in order to meet the demand for a more plant-based, free-from, nutritious and ethical cuisine, chefs need to be acquainted with a wider variety of ingredients and techniques. Fortunately, the famous French culinary school, Le Cordon Bleu, has quickly responded to this need and now educates its students with various innovative programs.

With over 127 years of history, Le Cordon Bleu provides the finest culinary education in a diverse variety of cuisines and has been dedicated to preserving the techniques and expertise inherited from the great names of French cuisine, both in France and abroad. Teaching the time-honored techniques of traditional culinary arts remains the foundation of Le Cordon Bleu’s teaching, but the global network of culinary institutes also embraces modernity and innovation. As such, Le Cordon Bleu offers a wide range of courses and programs that meet the demand for chefs and gourmets to gain a more diverse set of culinary skills.

Diploma in Plant-Based Culinary Arts, Paris and London

This diploma focuses on crafting excellent dishes solely from plants, providing a creative repertoire of product knowledge, skills and recipes. Within the program, students will explore cooking with a wide range of vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, grains, and pulses, gaining expert knowledge on ingredient varieties and innovative culinary uses. The program has been designed to provide a specialized culinary education for the growing demand for vegan, vegetarian, and plant-based restaurants and products.

This is a three-month program, with six modules covering the following topics:

  • Plant-Based Cuisine and Diet
  • Professional Culinary Skills and Product Knowledge
  • Vegetable and Plant Foods
  • Grains, Pulses, Nuts & Seeds
  • Specialised Plant-Based Cuisines
  • Desserts: Chocolate, Fruit & Nuts

Alumna Dee Mehta discusses her experience taking the course in this interview. 

Next intake: Paris – January 4th, 2023. London – January 6th, 2023.

Diploma in Gastronomy, Nutrition & Food Trends, Paris and London

Designed to support the growing interest in health within restaurants, cafés and retail, the Diploma in Gastronomy, Nutrition & Food Trends is a three-month gastronomy course based on the principles of nutrition and food sciences, and their application within culinary arts in alignment with current and future food trends.

The course is taught by Le Cordon Bleu chefs and experts in the field of nutrition and gastronomy. The acquired knowledge can be applied in different sectors such as restaurants, cafés, pastry shops, hotels & spas, as well as in institutional catering for businesses, schools, universities, retirement homes, hospitals, associations, and sports and cultural clubs.

This program provides a holistic approach to food and nutrition through lectures, culinary demonstrations, and practical application.

Alumna Romina Amiri discusses her experience with the course in this interview.

Next intake: Paris – April 3rd, 2023. London – September 23rd, 2022/March 31st, 2023.

Diploma in Pastry Innovation & Wellness, Paris and London

The Diploma in Pâtisserie Innovation and Wellness is designed to deliver a thorough culinary education that emphasizes innovation and creativity. The three-month program focuses on the art of pastry, creating recipes and new products. It teaches design, structure, the use of new ingredients, and the application of nutritional and health advice. 

The diploma will provide culinary education to students and professionals wishing to build knowledge and skills in advanced pâtisserie, creating recipes that appeal to the current demands in the food sector, particularly in the markets for nutrition-focused, health-based and allergen-free products.

Get an insight into the Life of a Student in this course, with alumna Ilaria Ragusa.

Next intake: Paris – October 3rd, 2022. London – September 23rd, 2022/March 31st, 2023.

Certificate in Plant-Based Pâtisserie

This ten-week online course provides plant-based substitutions with respect to the classical techniques and skills of pâtisserie art and science. Recipes incorporate new ingredients which are rapidly evolving in the pâtisserie industry, such as dairy-free butters, potato starch and inulin (a type of prebiotic), and techniques in aeration, emulsification, thickening, and setting. All recipes are plant-based, and the course also includes recipes that are gluten-free and suitable for specific dietary requirements. Participants will be provided with recipe cards, video instruction, and live-learning with Le Cordon Bleu Master Pâtisserie chefs.  

Next intake – Online February 20th, 2023.

Nutrition & Health, Gourmet Cuisine

This four-day course is designed for amateurs and professionals who want to improve their knowledge of healthy and gourmet food. This course has been designed by Chef Éric Briffard, Meilleur Ouvrier de France, Director of Culinary Arts at Le Cordon Bleu Paris Institute, in collaboration with Yasmine Bouziane, Dietitian Nutritionist.

This course will teach you the basics of Nutrition and Micro-Nutrition, helping you to not only eat better but also to discover new gourmet flavors while always creating balanced, accessible, and innovative recipes.

Next intake – Paris – September 27th, 2022.

Short Courses

Le Cordon Bleu also offers an expanding range of short courses in the areas of vegetarian and plant-based cuisine. From evening masterclasses to one-day cooking courses, these options are ideal for aspiring chefs and food enthusiasts.

? Cordon Vert®- Vegetarian Cuisine
? Plant-Based Petit Fours
? Creative Vegetables
? Introduction to Plant-Based Cookery
? Vegan Chocolate Tart Making

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