Chanel’s Secret Garden

This year on the haute couture runway, Karl Lagerfeld decided to take the “Spring/Summer” collection literally.

The Chanel show took place inside Paris’ Grand Palais, in a garden reminiscent of Marie Antoinette’s Petit Trianon. Everything was pink and fluffy, a sort of bubbly throwback to what women’s fashion once looked like. It was very French and almost uncomfortably prim, full of classic Chanel tweed jackets and long, flowing dresses in watercolor prints. Monet, in the middle of painting his Nymphéas, might have looked at the show and thought, “Gee, that might be a little much in the pastel department.”


It-girl Kaia Gerber emerged from the wings looking like a giant baby-pink cupcake, begging the question: with so much in the way of female empowerment going on, is this meant to be ironic, or simply a last-ditch attempt to bring back outdated and overrated images of femininity? Alternatively, it might just be classic Chanel.