7 Places to Take Fitness Classes in Paris

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Traveling to Paris this season? There’s no need to ditch your regular workout routine, no matter how long you’ll be calling the city home. Whether you want to step outside of your fitness comfort zone or squeeze in a familiar sweat session, Paris offers up a fitness feast. With plenty of bilingual teachers, US-style coaching techniques, and even English-language classes, these workout spaces offer plenty of great reasons to forgo the hotel treadmill.*

Dynamo Cycling

Dynamo Bike Paris Workout

Delivering all the adrenaline-racing motivation and pulsating playlists you’ve come to expect of a cycle class, with added Parisian chic, is Dynamo. Boasting four locations across Paris, Dynamo’s extensive class schedule makes getting in a workout effortless, no matter whether you want a classic class, one with added yoga stretching, or a 90 minute-session. For a familiar English language class, opt for Dynamo’s version originale class. Introduction sessions start at 10€. Sign up on their online platform to make a reservation.

Big Apple Yoga

Paris Yoga in English

Founded by a New York-trained American yoga specialist, Big Apple’s bilingual English language site and distinctly American yoga outlook make getting a familiar yoga session easy. Head to the studio in the 2nd arrondissement for down-to-earth accessible yoga for all ages and an extensive lineup of classes including Vinyasa, HIIT workouts, Pilates, meditation, beginner yoga sessions, and many more. Single drop-in classes start at 25€, while monthly unlimited passes cost 75€. – 20 Rue Dussoubs, 75002

Midtown Boot Camp 

Midtown bootcamp Paris workout

With centrally located studios on Place des Victoires and the Champs Élysées, since opening in 2015, Midtown has become the Parisian answer to the boot camp workout phenomenon. Known for its motivational music and fearless workouts, Midtown’s sweat sessions are touted to burn up to 1000 calories per class. Creature comforts including towels, beauty products, and a healthy café serving up smoothies and PB on toast make this a familiar fitness hideaway with plenty of added French team spirit. Classes start at 30€.

Chez Simone

Paris workout spaces chez simone

Looking for a fitness escape? You’ll certainly find it at this unique home away from home. Designed as a complete lifestyle concept nestled within a sleek and Instagrammable apartment space, Chez Simone serves up a buffet of health and wellbeing options including yoga, dance, HIIT training, core ballet, and more. The studio’s added comforts like the coworking/hang-out space, organic eatery, and roster of events all add to the relaxed and unpretentious experience. For an English-speaking option, take the TNL 58 HIIT class from American coach Jessica King. To try a class, email [email protected] or register on the website and pre-purchase class credits. – 140 Rue de Rivoli, 75001

Reebok Crossfit Louvre

Crossfit Paris workout

Since opening its doors in 2012, Reebok Crossfit Louvre has fast become a destination for traveler crossfit fanatics. The bilingual team at the helm share a knowledgeable approach to crossfit, so you can get your usual workout no matter whether you use Olympic-style lifting moves or dumbbell modifications. Better yet, thanks to regular post-workout socials, this workout spot doubles as a great place to meet fitness-minded locals and international expats alike. To schedule a drop-in session, send them a message via their Facebook page. – 31 Avenue de l’Opéra, 75001

Barre Shape 

Barre Shape Paris Workout

Combining ballet, pilates, and cardio exercises, this popular hybrid workout has been given a hint of Parisian je ne sais quoi courtesy of French dancer and Barre Shape founder Géraldine Werner. After years spent living and teaching dance in London, Werner imported the workout concept, establishing a popular Parisian fan base. Choose from a range of group and semi-private classes in both English and French at the Elephant de Paname dance center near L’Opéra. Group classes start at 20€ a session for first-timers.

La Salle Boxing Club 

Boxing Paris La Salle

Yes the name may sound hard-hitting, but thanks to its full array of classes for men, women, and kids of all experience levels, there’s no need to be intimidated by La Salle Boxing Club. For a boxing-based workout, simply jump into the ring where their coaches offer world-class expertise in English boxing, cross training, and much more. Don’t miss La Salle’s regular Sunday outdoor boot camp sessions and fight nights, when boxers get the opportunity to fight in a friendly, structured fashion. Group classes start at 30€ per session. – 22 Rue de la Félicité, 75017

*Fitness fans, if you are planning on hitting the gym in Paris, consider traveling with a doctor’s note stating your physical readiness for exercise. While you may not be asked for a note at a drop-in session, many French gyms require a doctors’ notes to join.

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