54 Questions French People Google about the United States

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Google is everyone’s pocket genius. It offers answers to our dumb queries, spelling errors, and medical concerns. It also learns what everyone else wants to learn, then suggests that you learn it too via auto-fill.

Looking at American Google, our auto-fill responses do not bode well for anyone arguing that Americans have a general understanding of France. “Is France a country?” is the top auto-fill for “is France.” The second top auto-fill for “can France” is “can France be saved?”. (Are things really so dire that France must be saved?)

So if Americans think France is maybe a country who might need saving, what does the United States look like to the French? French Google has the answers.

Cultural questions

French people want to know where classic American things come from, like the American dream, football, our accent, and rapwhere does americainThey want to know where we go on vacation, where we travel, and where we live in Francewhere do americans  They want to know if Americans can go to Cuba, and can we drive in Francecan americans

Questions about perceptions of France

They care more how we see Macron than how we see them (and they want to know how to get our pearly-white teeth)how do americansThey want to know what Americans think of Macron and France, and what we’re jealous of France about (ha!).

what do americainsThey want to know our feelings about Macron (again), French rap, soccer, and the climate

americains andThey wonder what Americans think of the French, do we believe Europe is a country, and generally what we think.americains think

Political questions

They want to know what our government is, and if we’ve always been a world superpower, and if we’re secular (kind of)is the USThey want to know how the US became a superpower, and how we fought off the commieshow does the US

Negative questions

They wonder if the moon landing is a conspiracy, and if we’re fat, and if we’re British (absolutely not)

are americainsThey’re worried that American things are dangerous (“staff” as in an American Staffordshire terrier) and wonder if Americans can drive in Franceis americanThey want to know if the US is going collapse, and also attack literally everyonewill the US

Questions revealing their true feelings

Despite all of the questions about when we’re going to attack other countries, they still want to know how to live in, immigrate to, and work in the US :’)

how in US

And, best of all, they want to know how to become American, speak American, and be American :’)how american

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