28 Gifts Every Francophile Would Love to Get

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Kitchen goods, books, sleek purses, funny shirts, soothing candles, art prints and more. Here’s our list of the best gifts to get Francophiles this holiday season — trust us, they’re our favorites here at Frenchly HQ. Don’t forget to pick something out for yourself too!

1. Anthropologie Bistro Set


This summer, Anthropologie released a set of French café-inspired tableware called Bistro Tile Collection. There are salt and pepper shakers, canisters that say things like “bonjour” and “très bien,” a butter dish, pie plate, and sweet mugs and plates, all dishwasher safe and aesthetically appealing in a black, white, and gold color palette. Shop the collection on Anthropologies’s website here.

2. Filt Bag


Are all of your items exposed? Yes. Is it an essential summery French-girl accessory? Yes. Perfect for holding groceries, flowers, a couple items you want to take to the beach or a picnic in the park, the Filt bag is a stylish girl’s best friend during summer. It’s lightweight, washable, and a great size. Buy one from Anthropologie’s website here.

3. Herbes de Provence

Anysetiers du Roy makes a perfect seasoning mix called herbes de Provence, best on grilled meats, fish and vegetables. The adorable ceramic pot is a little bonus gift that can be used again to store other kitchen herbes or as an accent on the counter. Buy it on Williams Sonoma’s website here.

4. Le Creuset’s Mini Cocottes


Every chef’s goal should be to own as many Le Creuset products as possible. These mini cocottes are adorable, available in many colors, and perfect to use as serving dishes or bakeware. Buy them on the Le Creuset website here.

5. Diptyque Candle


You may not be able to afford the $420 Diptyque advent calendar, but a single candle wrapped beautifully in a box with a bow will nonetheless impress whoever it is bestowed upon. The Wood Fire candle is the coziest and most underrated, in our opinion. Shop here.

6. France print

With key iconic monuments from each region, this print is a great way to remember a trip all across France, and all the beauty the country has to offer. Buy it in multiple sizes on the Rifle Paper Co. website here.

7. Palais des Thés Tea


Palais des Thés teas are a quality option for any low-key Francophile who enjoys a nice thé or tisane in the evenings. It’s hard to recommend just one since everyone has different taste, but our favorite is Darjeeling Margaret’s Hope Black Tea. Shop the website here.

8. Cheese Plate


To make a #cheeseplategoals cheese plate, a platter worthy of Instagram must be involved. For that, turn to Brooklyn Slate, which makes a variety of coasters, platters and cheese plates out of slate. A slate board is preferable to a wooden board because the fibers of the wood can affect the cheese (and it’s harder to clean). The edges of these boards have a beautiful finish, and the top can be marked with special pens to indicate which cheese is which. Shop Brooklyn Slate’s website here.

9. Gold Cheese Knives

Don’t let your glorious cheese plate be ruined by clunky, plastic-handled, cheap cheese knives. Just as beautiful as a well-assembled cheese plate (but not a scene-stealer) are these gold cheese knives, available as a set of four at Nordstrom. Buy them on Nordstrom’s website here.

10. Rebecca Plotnick Photography


The brains behind Every Day Parisian, photographer and blogger Rebecca Plotnick has a beautiful portfolio of photos of Paris for sale on her website. There’s a great mix of photos of recognizable places, like the Louvre and the Eiffel Tower, and of small details and corners of the city that any Francophile will adore, like the Medici fountain in the Jardin du Luxembourg and Café Nemours. Shop her website here.

11. A Book


From books like “Apéritif” about how to host a good French apéro to “The Seine” on the history of the river that runs across the country and through Paris, there are plenty of literary options to gift a Francophile. Check out our list of 18 books for every Francophile on your gift list.

12. Bonjour Doorbell Cover

A conversation starter and sweet home accent, this doorbell cover will have your guests saying “bonjour” at the door. Be warned, it only fits one size of doorbell, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be cute as wall décor. Buy it from Anthropologie here.

13. Le Petit Marseillais Products


Gentle soap, sweet shampoo, a foaming body wash… Le Petit Marseillais indisputably holds the position of unofficial bath product of France. Best for people who have been to France, opening another bottle of Le Petit Marseillais and smelling the fresh scent is sure to transport them back. Shop the brand on Amazon here.

14. French press


Is it French? Unclear. Does it have French in the name and do lots of French people use it to make coffee? Absolutely. Get the Chambord, which makes three cups of coffee, by Bodum. Other sizes and models are available on the website. Most models have durable structures made of stainless steel, and many are dishwasher-safe. Shop their french presses here.

15. Crêpe Pan

This nonstick pan by Nordic Ware can be used over and over again to make crêpes and galettes. It’s the gift that keeps on giving! We love this one because it’s edges aren’t too low, it has a nice handle, and it’s nonstick. Buy it on World Market’s website here.

16. Bon Appetit Box


The best products from France curated into one single box or in a subscription. Choose from themed box options like sweet and savory, Provence apéritif, and café gourmand. Shop the website here.

17. Métro – Boulot – Apéro Shirt


Les Petits Frenchies has an excellent collection of apparel and accessories perfect for representing French pride, often in a humorous way. For example, get a t-shirt that says “Métro – Boulot – Apéro” (Metro – Work – Apéro), or “Liberté – Egalité – Rosé” (Liberty – Equality – Rosé), or “Maillot – Bateau – Apéro” (Swimsuit – Boat – Apéro). All are available in men’s and women’s sizes, and everything is nice and soft. They do ship to the U.S., but be warned, it’s not cheap. But for a good friend, it could be worth it. Shop Les Petits Frenchies’ website here.

18. Paris map

Modernists will appreciate this black and white map of Paris. Buy it on Amazon here.

19. Sézane Bag


A big-ticket item, a Sézane bag is timeless elegance. If the bag is out of your budget, there are many other goodies at the Sézane store in Soho and online to gift to a lucky friend, sister or girlfriend. Shop the Sézane leather goods here.

20. Picardie Glasses


If you order a coffee drink in France, it’s likely you’ll get it in one of these. Duralex’s Picardie glasses are quintessentially French. The perfect size for a small glass of orange juice in the morning or a coffee drink, the Picardie glass will go with any of the drinkware already in someone’s cabinet. Plus, it’s dishwasher- and microwave-safe. Shop here.

21. Paris Page-a-Day Calendar

A mix of new and old photos in color and black and white, this Paris page-a-day calendar is going to give someone the urge to visit the City of Lights 365 days a year. There’s a great plastic holder that lets you slide the individual pages out and to the back, so you can save these tear-free pages without any hassle. with Buy it on Amazon here.

22. Ornaments


Ornaments have a special power: they can evoke memories. A delicate ferris wheel will remind of weekends spent at Coney Island, a small wooden sailboat will ignite memories of a sail on Lake Erie, and a sparkly macaron will evoke afternoons spent seeking out the best macarons in Paris. Here’s a list of our 28 favorite Francophile ornaments to shop.

23. Rouje Velours Color


Jeanne Damas‘s company Rouje has been styling French girls for a few years now, but this fall the brand debuted a new product: Le Rouje Velours. It’s a creamy matte lip color that swipes on and gives you that French-girl glow for hours without any need to reapply and it won’t come off on your wine glass. Shop for lip colors on Rouje’s website here.

24. Crêpe Mix

Don’t buy someone eggs, milk, flour and water, just buy them this crêpe mix. The last thing anyone wants after the holidays are over is to have to cook again, so make things easy for your friends and family by providing breakfast (or dessert!) in a box: Stonewall Kitchen’s Crêpe Mix. Buy it on Amazon here.

25. Cityscape Pencil Cup

Paris will never be far from your mind when you keep reaching to grab a pencil, pen, or maybe a make-up brush (your choice!) from the Cityscape Pencil Cup. Buy it from Anthropologie’s website here.

26. Le Creuset’s Salt Crock


Salt belongs in pasta water, on kale being sautéed in the pan, atop chocolate chip cookies… it’s everywhere in cooking. (Samin Nosat explains the importance of salt in her book, “Salt Fat Acid Heat,” which belongs on any aspiring cook’s bookshelf.) The Le Creuset salt crock makes salt easy to scoop or grab and sprinkle on any dish. There’s even a nifty knob at the top to make holding it with messy hands easy. Buy it on Le Creuset’s website here.

27. Sophie la Girafe


The gift for any newborn or young baby, Sophie la Girafe is a toy that’s supremely safe. Nothing to choke on, nothing that will come apart, it’s washable and soft enough to teeth with, Sophie la Girafe is durable, baby-ready, and totally adorable. Buy one from Crate and Barrel’s website here.

28. Provence table cloth

A proper Provence-themed dinner should be accompanied by a Provençal table cloth. Get a Provence patterned table cloth, available in four different sizes in four different colors, from Williams Sonoma. (Excellent news: it’s machine washable.) Buy it on Williams Sonoma’s website here.

Featured image photos via, from top left: Le Petit Marseillais, Williams Sonoma, Amazon, Sur la Table, Palais des Thés, Rifle Paper Co., Brooklyn Slate, Rouje, Anthropologie, Diptyque, Anthropologie, Stonewall Kitchen, Filt, “Apéritif,” Sur la Table, Anthropologie, World Market, Borem, Anthropologie
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