What are the Biggest Differences Between Life in London and Paris?

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Ah, the ultimate expat fantasy: a New Zealander and a New Yorker on a split screen talking about the differences between the French and British capitals.

To give you a taste, here are some of the main differences:

  1. Paris is more compact and walkable, while London is a lot larger and more spread out, with neighborhoods that feel more like small towns than part of a larger city.
  2. Despite being so large, rent prices in London are 30% higher on average for the same type of accommodations in Paris, and it’s more likely for people in an older age bracket to have roommates rather than their own apartment.
  3. London’s food scene has a bit more diversity (though any Parisian would tell you that doesn’t always make it better).

And similarities:

  1. Whether you’re going to a pub or taking an apéro, your weekend probably involves a few drinks with friends.
  2. If you’re not wearing the right clothing, you might get a bit of a stink eye
  3. You’re not allowed to make eye contact on the metro.

And of course, you’ve got the work culture, which is very different between cultures. To learn a little more in depth about French work culture, check out this video by Not Even French.

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