What Christmas in France Actually Looks Like

Have you ever fantasized about wandering the streets of Paris in the snow, the city covered in lights, and somewhere in the corner, an old man playing “Carol of the Bells” on the accordion?

Well, the truth is, Christmas in France isn’t exactly like that. It might be even better, as French fashion and beauty vlogger Justine Leconte explains. Leconte goes through a typical Christmas holiday in France, including the traditions, the shopping, and most important of all, the food. Does your Anglophone Christmas brunch tend to include a glass of home brewed wine and oysters on toast? Not likely. But for Justine, that’s just another year making its passing. Can you even imagine a world with no Black Friday shopping, only charming Christmas markets where you can shop, explore, and drink vin chaud?


Justine also runs through some of her favorite holiday treats, including pain d’anis, gâteaux de Milan, bruns, schenkele, and orangettes. And if you’re already hungry, stay tuned for our article on traditional French Christmas dinner food.