What $20 Will Get You: Paris vs New York

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Paris and New York are, without a doubt, two of the most expensive cities in the world. Whether you live there or are just visiting, prices for food, entertainment, and transportation are enough to send you packing for Iowa. And that’s before rent.

Vloggers Damon and Jo of YouTube series Shut Up and Go decided to see just how far they could stretch 20 bucks in each city. Here’s the breakdown:

Breakfast: Damon started his day out at a Vietnamese sandwich shop in Belleville, while Jo ate a rather suspicious-looking pastry from a breakfast cart.

Travel: While a subway ride in New York will cost you $2.75, in Paris it’s a measly €1.90.

Entertainment: Both Damon and Jo decided to go the super cheap route for their entertainment, by visiting the Brooklyn Bridge (free), the Eiffel Tower (free to look at), and Central Park (also free).

Total: Jo spent a grand total of $23.04 on her day out, just slipping in under Damon’s €23.59. Almost exactly a tie if you don’t factor in the exchange rate. (Though let’s be honest, if they’d had to get equally delicious food, Jo would have had to spend at least $10.)

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