WATCH: Paris vs. Nespresso

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Parisian coffee isn’t the specialty item that many tourists come expecting. The truth is, even though Parisians love to sit with a cup of espresso and a cigarette at an outdoor cafe, usually what they’re drinking is hated by many coffee connoisseurs: Nespresso.

But some Parisians are trying to change that. Owners of Belleville Brulerie and Ten Belles café, Thomas Lehoux and Anselme Blayney are trying to introduce good old filter coffee to Parisians. But making the change from the manufactured Nespresso to the more classic filtered coffee is harder than it seems.

“The problem is people equate good coffee to espresso in France,” says Blayney in this Paris Coffee Project video. “They call filter coffee ‘sock juice’ — jus de chaussette — so, coffee that’s been poured through a sock. Or they call it American coffee.”

By making artisan filter coffee in their cafes, and by selling their own beans, these two entrepreneurs are slowly revolutionizing not only the Parisian café scene, but also the way that French people drink coffee at home.

Watch the video:

[vimeo 118022196 w=640 h=360]


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