How To Make a Cordon Bleu BLT

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“If I felt like forgetting parts of the evening, I’d make myself a sandwich like this the next day. A sandwich that says ‘It’s OK.’”

Claire Bergé-Lefranc, the chef at a French restaurant called Chicken Bacon Lettuce, specializes in making better takeaway food, to offer food that is “less plastic, less depressing” than your typical to-go lunch items. And staying true to the name of her restaurant, Bergé-Lefranc has created the best ever recipe for a chicken, bacon and lettuce sandwich, which to her is the ultimate comfort food.

Even though this sandwich is an American classic, Bergé-Lefranc makes a few changes to create a more French version of the sandwich, like using horseradish sauce instead of ranch or mayonnaise, and even making her own pickles.

Bergé-Lefrance makes each component of the sandwich by hand using the best ingredients, transforming an ordinary lunch food into something gourmet.

Learn how to make the best chicken, bacon, lettuce sandwich:


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