This Giving Season, Donate Safely Beyond Borders with Fondation de France


[Sponsored article] Choose from over 100 trustworthy nonprofit projects to make a secure donation to and contribute to a worthy cause. Fondation de France, launched by General de Gaulle and André Malraux, has been a pioneer of philanthropy in France for more than 50 years, encompassing all causes of public interest, and offering timely aid through emergency actions. Friends of Fondation de France was established in the United States in 2000 as a 501(c)(3) to support the mission of Fondation de France.

With Friends of Fondation de France, a donor can support the actions of Fondation de France or choose from over 100 nonprofit projects. “Our portfolio of carefully vetted projects reflects the diversity and variety of the philanthropic causes abroad,” highlights Domitille Marchal Lemoine, executive director of Friends of Fondation de France. All of the listed organizations have been carefully selected so the Fondation can work with trusted nonprofits that are secure and reliable.

Pick From More Than 100 projects, Donate and Make a Difference!

One can choose to support the environment, fight climate change, or implement new solutions to preserve the planet: those actions know no borders and have a worldwide impact. In the cultural field, Friends of Fondation de France allows giving to prestigious French institutions such as Musée de Cluny, Musée Rodin, Opéra Comique, or Théâtre des Champs-Elysées, but also festivals such as Festival d’Automne à Paris. A donor can also help young artists perform with Fondation Gautier Capuçon, for example.

Alumni can show gratitude to their alma mater with more than 20 higher education institutions registered. Medical and scientific research is also a strong focus of international collaboration supported by philanthropists. Donors can decide to support Fondation CNRS, Institut Imagine, Fondation Lumière, Fondation de l’APHP, to name a few medical and scientific organizations the Fondation works with. It is also possible to donate to projects focused on human rights, international development, and social issues. If a nonprofit is not listed, Friends of Fondation de France can look into adding it after a careful procedure to make sure that it is reliable, with their on-staff development experts ensuring that each charitable project meets the standards for responsible management and effective programs.

Trust Fondation de France for Emergency Action!

Fondation de France is the leading philanthropy network in France to provide emergency aid to countries facing crises. Fondation de France has mobilized funds and launched campaigns in the past few years for people affected by the war in Ukraine, earthquakes in Turkey and Syria, and recently the earthquake in Morocco. Relying on the strength of a network of local partners, Fondation de France has exceptional knowledge and experience in emergency relief. This allows efficient aid in the very first hours after a disaster strikes, and support to local populations from those who know them best.

After the fire in Notre Dame de Paris, Fondation de France was one of the few organizations trusted by the government to raise funds for the restoration of this iconic Parisian monument. Friends of Fondation de France is a relay of these fundraising campaigns in the United States and allows to make a contribution that will make a real difference.

Donate Now and Get a Tax Write-Off!

Giving abroad with Friends of Fondation de France is a straightforward and secure process. Charitable donations made from donors are tax-deductible to the fullest extent of the law. “When you give to Friends of Fondation de France, you receive the same tax benefits that you would when giving to any other 501(c)(3) organization in the United States,” reminds Marchal Lemoine. Donors can rest assured that their donations go to reliable, carefully approved charitable projects. Giving does not only have to be in monetary form. Gifts received in the past have included diamonds, a boat, and works of art. Legacy gifts, real estate, stock options, and many other items that can benefit a nonprofit are accepted as well.

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Generosity has no borders. Hundreds of organizations need support from charitable donors, to move forward with their various projects. Make a difference and donate to Friends of Fondation de France today!


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