Testing Serena Williams’ French Using Beyoncé Lyrics

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She’s the number one tennis player in the world AND she speaks French beautifully? Some things in life are just not fair.

Serena Williams is probably the best athlete on earth, considering The Women’s Tennis Association has ranked her world number one in singles on six separate occasions and she’s won four Olympic gold medals.

Williams has also made an impact on the extremely white world of tennis, hopefully changing the idea that tennis is a sport for wealthy, white people and inspiring young black girls to follow their dreams and let the world see their greatness. It seems like she has inspired Beyoncé as well, since she invited Williams to be part of her visual album Lemonade. In Beyoncé’s music video for the song “Sorry,” Selena dances beside Queen Bey to the lyrics “I Ain’t Sorry.” (For someone who is both a huge Beyoncé AND Serena fan, this was like the best thing to have happened in the history of the world.)

On top of being the best, Serena can also speak French. So SELF magazine decided to test her French skills with some of the lyrics from Beyoncé’s “Sorry.” It’s pretty flawless.


[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_X2mgeI9ItU&w=560&h=315]

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