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Where to Study in France in English

Getting your Master's degree in France is a cheaper alternative to getting it in the States... and now you can do it in English.

7 Realities About French Universities That Students Should Know Before Studying...

Study abroad is an exciting time, especially in France. However, there will be a few academic shocks coming to the system...

University of Montreal is Launching its First Summer Program for High...

For the first time ever, the University of Montreal is offering a summer program to high school students.

11 Reasons to Get Your Bachelor’s in Management in Europe

You could get your Bachelor's degree in the US... or you could be adventurous and get it in Europe.

17 Things All People Who Miss France Do

When we miss France, sometimes we get a little crazy.

31 Things Every Study Abroad Student in France Experiences

It's not all vin and fromage when you're a university student in France.

21 Disadvantages of Being American in France

It's not all bordeaux and camembert over in l'Hexagone.

A Definitive Ranking of the Best and Worst Parts of French...

When you're a foreigner at college in France, you get used to an array of new experiences, from the good to the bad to the ugly.

The Pros and Cons (But Mostly Pros) of Living with a...

What's it like to live with a host family in Paris? Writer Nicola Rose recalls living with a French host family several years ago.

I Love You France, but I’m Not Moving Back

Living as an ex-pat is great, but there are some things you just can't get outside the U.S.
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