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Jeff Koons Unveils His Controversial Tribute to Paris: “I Gave My...

The controversy-creating sculpture by famous American artist Jeff Koons was finally revealed on October 4.

Contentious Jeff Koons Sculpture Honoring Paris Terrorist Attack Victims Finally Arrives...

American artist Jeff Koons offered Paris one of his signature sculptures but city wasn't sure if it wanted the piece.

‘Protecting Paris and New York’: A Cross-Cultural Dialogue Against Terrorism

FIAF is hosting a panel discussion on counterterrorism and a screening of the documentary, November 13: Attack on Paris, this coming Monday, March 18.

Three Years After the November Paris Attacks, France Honors the Victims

Three years after the Paris attacks, the city remembers those lost.

Netflix Releases Documentary about November 2015 Paris Attacks

Watch the heart-pounding trailer for the new Netflix documentary about the Paris Attacks.

France Condemns Trump’s Comments on Bataclan Massacre and French Gun Laws

"Guns could solve everything," he says. The French think not.

3 Years Later, Macron Honors Charlie Hebdo Victims

Emmanuel Macron, Anne Hidalgo, and all of Paris mourns the deaths of the Charlie Hebdo attack victims three years later.

French Parliament Passes Controversial Anti-Terrorism Law

The French Parliament's new counter-terrorism legislation draws criticism from human rights officials.
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