Essential Room Decorations for Anyone Obsessed with France

A living room filled with furniture and a fireplace

Feel like you’re in a constant state of missing France? And want to give your room a makeover? Here’s the solution: fill your room with these fun French-themed decorations to make your mind and home in sync. (And don’t forget about the little things you can add as accents like Ladurée boxes, fresh flowers, framed photos, and stacks of books!)

Diptyque Candles

Photo courtesy of Diptyque.

There’s nothing that screams “TREAT YOURSELF” quite like a $75 candle, and yet Diptyque has captured hearts, minds, noses and wallets from France to the US. These luxurious French candles smell good, look nice, and feel très français.

Air France Poster


If you’re all about French history, there’s nothing better than investing in a super cool, vintage Air France poster. The airline’s ancien marketing campaigns included destinations like former French colonies and overseas territories, and all posters were done with vibrant colors.

Eiffel Tower Ring Holder 

il_570xN.1234138477_pg2y (1)

Why haphazardly throw your jewelry on your dresser, never to see half of it again? Instead, get a stylish Eiffel Tower ring holder, which is both chic and practical for all those pesky rings that are always disappearing.

Toulouse-Lautrec Images

Photo courtesy of All Posters.

Henri Toulouse-Lautrec was one of France’s most famous artists, universally known for his renderings of Montmartre. Pick out one of his lesser-known prints (like “Woman Pulling Up Her Stocking” above) for an artsy homage to this master.

Provence Dried Lavender Bunch 


Do you dream about the scent of Provence’s lavender fields? Bring it home with a dried lavender wall hanging. Or, if you don’t want to hang it on the wall, just put a bunch in a vase, or lay one on a hall table, suggesting maybe you just brought them inside. (How French of you!)

Wooden Crates


How about a little bit of farmhouse chic à la French countryside? Whether you’re storing snacks, socks, or your lavender bunches, these boxes will immediately Frenchify a space.

Edith Piaf Record


Who doesn’t want to have a vinyl of France’s most iconic superstar? And even if you don’t have a record player, this will look great on your wall.

French Vanity Mirror


Yes, this is a big-ticket item, but investing in a French Vanity Mirror will make your room feel super French (in a wonderful, old-school way). Plus, you’ll get to apply all of your wonderful French cosmetics and hair products in front of it on a daily basis (but in a casual, French-girl-style way, of course).

French-Themed Mug


Think about Paris as you sip your morning café in bed. You can get creative with both your mugs (like these watercoors of Paris essentials) and with your daydreams… sure, a trip to European tomorrow should be totally feasible!

Eiffel Tower Coasters


Instead of putting that mug directly down on your wooden table, classy it up with these wooden coasters. Every time you sip your drink, you can daydream about your next trip to Paris!

“C’est la Vie” Wall Hanging


This wood cut-out in natural, black, white, gold, copper, silver, or glitter will remind you every day to do as the French and accept that sometimes, you have to say, “c’est la vie.” (Or for a less stereotypical hanging, try this “Fromagerie” sign.)

Simone De Beauvoir Books


If you fancy yourself a true Francophile, you’d better buff up your bookshelf. Stock up on literature (in French, if you do so desire) of some of the country’s greatest minds, including the incredible Simone de Beauvoir. Display some cover-forward and they become cheap art!

French-Style Lace Lamp Shades


Everything feels a bit more classy (read: French) with a bit of lace. Replace your boring lamp shades with this elegant decoration, which feels like it belongs it a fairytale French home. (Note: Though you may not find this lampshade in an actual French home, your version of French décor doesn’t have to be France’s version.)

French City Maps


Pick your favorite French city (it’s okay to not pick Paris) and find a cool image of it. You can opt for a classic map or take a more artistic vision, like this beauty, perhaps abstract Toulouse aerial image.

French Armchair

Screen Shot 2018-04-19 at 6.34.00 PM

Okay, fine—if you can’t actually move to Paris, you might as well get as close as possible. And this French armchair will do just the trick. It’s a beautiful chair fit for royalty in a classic French style, which is the perfect finishing touch for a French decorative makeover.

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