How to Pronounce These French Designer Names

One of the most embarrassing things you can do when discussing your highly-priced recently purchased silk scarf with a bunch of fellow fashionistas is to pronounce “Hermès” like “hermeez.”

But to be honest, most designers have names that are incredibly tricky to pronounce and it’s even harder when you’ve only ever heard them spoken by fellow Americans who also have no clue that most letters in French words don’t actually get pronounced at all!


Luckily, Filipino-French chef and blogger Erwan Heussaff is here to help. While he’s usually cooking up a storm on his lifestyle food blog, Heussaff is also handily knowledgeable in the area of French brands and designers, so he made a great video with the correct pronunciation for some of the trickiest French brands.

It’s perfect timing since Paris Fashion Week and New York Fashion Week are back (again!) and you most definitely need to discuss the latest dos and don’ts with your friends. Don’t make a fool of yourself, do learn how to pronounce Louis Vuitton correctly: