Notre Dame Light Show Commemorates WWI

A building lit up at night

You’ve never seen the Notre Dame de Paris like this before.

Paris’s most famous cathedral, which sits at point zero square at the city’s center, got a little temporary makeover this month. Using 3D mapping, director Bruno Seillier created a 20-minute audiovisual experience on the cathedral’s facade in commemoration of the centennial of World War I.

The show, “Dame de Coeur,” centers around a young American soldier who lays wounded in a hospital, afraid that he will die before ever getting to see the famed Parisian landmark. To soothe and distract him, his French nurse tells him the story of the cathedral’s 850-year legacy. Wars have come and gone, revolutions have ravaged Europe, and the most they ever managed to harm the Gothic masterpiece was by a few statue beheadings.

However, it is time that has caused the most destruction to Quasimodo’s fabled abode. The church is deeply in need of repairs, and many hope that this light show could serve to spur outside parties into funding the restoration by reminding the city of all the Notre Dame has survived, and all that it could yet survive to see.

Once you watch part 1 of the video, part 2 should autoplay after.

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