Marine Le Pen Launches Blog Just in Time For Facebook’s Angry Button

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Front National frontwoman Marine Le Pen has started a personal blog to document “my dreams, my disappointments and above all my reasons to believe in the future,” a sort of LiveJournal for the far-right in France.

“The pace set by campaigns, the media, and the too-ephemeral nature of fragmented information without any analysis diminishes us more than it strengthens us,” Le Pen writes with le clavier in her Carnets d’Espérances, as she calls her blog. 

The first post in her Notebooks Of Hope, titled “Referendum,” features a not-at-all-staged picture of Le Pen and her daughter watching François Hollande giving an interview to TF1 and pining for the days of routine public referendums and calling Hollande’s comments “without surprise, unfortunately, hollow, insipid, and often confused.”

She also decried the lack of power that emanates from Hollande’s person and persona, as well as the sovereign power France has given up to the European Union and Washington, D.C., among other foreign powers.

This move towards living openly—a clear plea towards likability, relatability, and, ultimately, mainstream acceptance—comes very close on the heels of an open letter from her father, FN founder Jean-Marie Le Pen, publicly threatening insurrection.

Le Pen (père) believes that her decision to tone down her media presence this year will hurt the party’s chances in the 2017 elections and has further threatens to openly oppose his daughter and the Front National—which gave him the boot last year—in the elections.

As of this posting, Marine has said more about her feelings concerning cats than about her father’s letter on her blog. To whit, we are eagerly awaiting the blog post that explains this bizarre pictures of Le Pen with a cat on a medieval handtruck.

We will nevertheless be following her blog doggedly.

Featured image: Stock Photos from Frederic Legrand – COMEO/Shutterstock

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