Making an Enormous Macaron

Making cute little cookies out of almond flour, sugar, and butter seems like it would be a relatively easy task for a seasoned baker.

But this is no ordinary baking challenge. Macarons, the trendy little French sandwich-cookie-pastries we all know and love, are expensive for a reason. Not only is the almond flour that binds them far more expensive than ordinary flour used for cookies or cakes, but these little devils are notoriously hard to make. If one little thing goes wrong—you get a bit of egg yolk in the batter, your almond flour is lumpy, your folding technique is shaky—then the whole recipe is kaput.

But Alix Traeger from the YouTube food channel Tasty is not afraid. Using her formidable baking skills and wholesome charm, Traeger attempts one of the greatest feats known to baker: the giant macaron. Watch her failures and foibles and laugh with her as she shows you not just how to do it right, but how to mess up and still keep going, until you achieve the perfect, unbelievable satisfaction of a job well done… and inevitably devoured within five seconds of turning off the camera.