Macron’s Government Reshuffle “Will Not Be Rushed”

French president Emmanuel Macron is scrambling to save face after a slew of resignations has left his cabinet looking a little empty.

The exodus kicked off with Nicolas Hulot, Macron’s former environment minister, quitting on live air back in August — without telling Macron ahead of time. And things just ramped up with French Interior Minister Gérard Collomb stepping down after publicly calling out Macron for his “lack of humility.” Collomb is the seventh member of Macron’s cabinet to step down since he took office last May, so the French president has responded by declaring a major house cleaning. The plan is, Macron will sit down with Prime Minister Edouard Philippe, Philippe will hand in his cabinet’s resignation, and the two of them will start from scratch, though no one knows how big or small the revamp will be.


Dragging his feet, Macron has said that the reshuffle will not take place until after his trip to Armenia next week. The world waits, with bated breath, to see if France’s “managerial president” can get his business in order.